Become the Leader You'd Want to Follow: Strategies & Tctics Borrowed From Improv theater

Basic Information

Workshop run by: Izzy Gesell, M.Ed, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
Address: PO Box 962 Northampton MA 01061
Phone Number: 413-222-4142
Presenter: Izzy Gesell

Action Shots

Become the Leader You'd Want to Follow: Strategies & Tctics Borrowed From Improv theater
Become the Leader You'd Want to Follow: Strategies & Tctics Borrowed From Improv theater

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Additional Information

Workshop Highlights:
  1. An increased understanding of individual, group, cross-generational and organizational functioning
  2. An enhanced ability to influence people and processes including the capability to help a group discuss and deal with challenging issues.
  3. A way to be more comfortable with change, more open to new ideas and less risk averse. You will expand your "comfort zone" without diminishing your "safety zone."
  4. A tactic to extend dialogue with those that you disagree without escalating conflict.
  5. Much improved Teaming, Cross-Generational & Communication Skills

Educators meed be nimble, attentive, confident and creative these days in order to personally thrive while successfully relating to others. Interestingly, the same is true of Improv performers. In fact, the skills that make improvisers so successful are the same ones that make educators (administrators and teachers) successful, both personally and professionally. Skills include thinking on your feet, responding quickly and effectively to unexpected events, keeping peoples' attention and expanding your comfort zone without shrinking your safety zone.

In this entertaining, informative and immediately applicable program we'll go behind the curtain and into the mind of improvisers and leave with ways to be more confident, spontaneous, and balanced educators.

Improvisation skills are deceptively powerful tools that help each person maintain mental and emotional equilibrium by inviting them to enter and embrace the unknown, and learn to relate to others without assumption or judgment. This mindset helps us to expand our comfort zone, relate to others in a cooperative way, confidently accept reality, learn to act on things we can control and let go of things we cannot control, and enjoy and value working with others.

Think of this session as a learning lab: The theories, ideas and relevancy will flow from group participation, observation of others, and from personal experience and insight. Plus, it will be fun! Participation is completely voluntary. No one will be singled out to volunteer.

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