The Elephant in the Classroom is Laughing: A Look Into Humor’s Impact on Students, Teachers & Administrators

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Workshop run by: Izzy Gesell, M.Ed, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
Address: PO Box 962 Northampton, MA 01061
Phone Number: 413-222-4142
Presenter: Izzy Gesell M.Ed, CSP

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Eligible Audience: All

The outcome of a class session, staff meeting, parent conference or professional development session depends on many things, not the least of which is the flow of participant energy. We know that students, teachers and administrators are often experiencing one of two energy flow states; they are either being energized or they are being drained of their energy. The state in which these folks find themselves in effectively impacts the environment in the classroom, school or meeting.

Humor is a language that people use to join and identify a common universe. They consciously and unconsciously make statements through humor about themselves, their relationships, their peers, and their fears, which they find difficult to say otherwise.

Humor, or the lack thereof, functions like a thermostat, controlling the climate within an environment. It is a key component of the atmosphere that surrounds all who interact with each other within any setting. In organizations & meetings, which consist of sets of human relationships, humor is one way the dynamics of the group are illuminated. Simply put, positive humor fosters a warm and inviting feeling. Negative, divisive humor makes a place and its individuals seem cold, cruel or aloof. Absence of humor altogether indicates a systemic blockage of communication.

This program aims to examine practical ways and means of understanding & using humor personally and professionally and how to channel the energy of humor toward more productivity, cohesion and creativity.
Participants will be able to:

  1. Distinguish between the 4 functions of humor- shield, weapon, bridge, spotlight
  2. Apply personal sense of humor to varied groups
  3. Explain how humor functions as a stress manager
  4. Describe a tactic to recall & retell any joke or humorous story

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