How To Go From Surviving to Thriving ~ Both In and Out of the Classroom

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Workshop run by: Robin Todd M.S.

Kansas City Metro

Address: 233 SW Greenwich Dr. #119 Lee's Summit, MO 64082
Phone Number: 8168200363
Presenter: Robin Todd M.S.

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How To Go From Surviving to Thriving ~ Both In and Out of the Classroom

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Workshop Highlights:

Mindful Momentum teaches a life-friendly curriculum. Using a variety of meditative and growth-oriented techniques, our program is designed to promote human flourishing through:

  • Attention Training (helping with concentration, relaxed awareness & engagement)
  • Attitude Training (helping with positivity, emotional regulation & resilience)
  • Aim Training (helping with big thinking, unleashed creativity & a greater sense of control)

We educate, helping people understand the science behind how the brain works. We demonstrate, through scientific research spanning decades, that they can bypass negative, unproductive mind-chatter and successfully retrain their thought process. We reveal micro-practices that people can implement immediately at naturally occurring moments throughout their day.


There is a reason why mindfulness is increasingly chosen as an intervention of choice by health providers, healthcare workers, and teachers: It is an easy-to-learn psychological mindset that reduces emotional distress, improves well-being and offers protection against burnout. Mindfulness teaches "front line" professionals an alternative way to cope with their work responsibilities by being present and reducing the compasssion fatique that may result from "emotional labor."

After decades of research, the scientific community now accepts that mindfulness improves:

*concentration *resilience under stress *positive attitudes *anxiety and depression *blood pressure *job satisfaction *engagement *greater sense of control *decision-making *immune response *emotional regulation *sustained awareness *working memory *creativity * motivation for well-being

Mindful Momentum's new, unique curriculum empowers individuals and organizations with 9 easy, simple tools to improve effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and overall health both at home and at work. Training occurs on-site and can be customized to meet specific needs.
Contact Mindful Momentum to learn about typical educational formats and fees.

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