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Address: Middle Point Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone Number: 301-875 8140

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Additional Information

Classroom Size: 8 children
Year Opened: 6 weeks to 4 years old
Hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
School Season: None


Meals Provided?: Yes
State Permits?: Yes
Full Time/Part Time: Full Time
Languages Spoken: Chinese and English
First Aid Certified?: Yes
Religious?: No
Extended Care?: Yes
Summer School/Camp?: Yes
Transportation Provided?: No
Financial Assistance Accepted?: Yes
School Events: Field trips such as library, visit farm, and others
Mission Statement:

My goal is to provide high-quality child care by creating a safe, healthy, and caring environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child, as well responding to the needs of your family. We partner with parents; working together to help our children grow happy, healthy, and strong, and building a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Young children learn through play and exploration. Our program fosters that learning process by providing a safe and secure environment for each child regardless of the level of ability. Our program also invites each child to reach their potential in the major developmental areas such as physical, social, emotional, and cognitive/language. Family participation is an intricate piece to the program. Through the diversity of our members and families, the children in our program have a better understanding of the world around them. All of these experiences for the children are presented with a well-rooted understanding of developmentally appropriate practice.

Notes/School Information:

A curriculum is a framework to build meaningful, engaging learning experiences that reflect both learning goals and children's interest. It instead recognizes each of the developmental domains - emotional, physical, social, and cognitive - must be supported, fostered, and regularly reevaluated.
Hand-eye coordination such as lacing beads and cards, puzzles, pegboards, scissors, connecting blocks, bean bags and targets, pitchers and cups, writing tools. Each of the materials supports the learning goals, and each also offers the child opportunities for creativity, social interaction, and success in mastery.
Schedule. Typically, the schedule accounts for transition times like arrival, moving from the outdoor to the indoor classroom, meals, and rest time. It balances active and quiet activities as well as a large group, small group, and solitary work. The routine reflects the teacher's knowledge of and respect for the children in the group. Consistency in routine lets children feel secure and autonomous--they learn to know what comes next--and are able to relax into the schedule rather than testing limits in every activity change.
For every age group, schedules reflect not only the length of the day but also the countless daily modifications that impact children, like teacher changes in programs that operate from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., whether children bring lunch and snack from home, and whether toilet learning is the primary classroom activity for a few months. Schedules also reflect extended opportunities for children to explore materials respecting different developmental levels, interests, safety, and culture.


September 12, 2016
"Josephine has been providing care to our daughter for nearly five years, since she was six weeks old. As all parents are, we were nervous about entrusting the care of our daughter to a relative stranger but Barbara quickly alleviated our concerns. We have never had to worry about whether our daughter was being well-cared for or safe. All of the children in her care refer to her as "nana" and Barbara truly cares for them as if they were her own grandchildren. This is not just a daycare, but a family. Love, Alexander’s family

Josephine has an open door policy and is always willing to work with parents. We felt that our input was always welcome and we could work with Barbara to tackle big issues, like potty training, so that things were consistent between home and daycare. In fact Barbara was always willing to give us advice based on all of her years of experience and we learned many strategies to cope with the different stages our daughter went through. ~ Mikka’ family
Our daughter loves getting up and going to daycare. She is sometimes disappointed on the weekends when she realizes she doesn't get to go. The kids are never bored with days full of art projects; books; learning numbers, letters, counting, & shapes; "water days" in the summer; and of course plenty of play time so they can just be kids. In the last five years our daughter has thrived in this environment and is moving on to kindergarten this fall. She is ready not only in terms of knowing her numbers and letters but in her social skills as well. Barbara allows the kids to interact with one another on their own and only mediates when necessary. The children learn independence while also learning to help those around them. They learn respect and manners.
The care our daughter has received from Barbara has been exceptional and we recommend her without hesitation. " - Christopher & Sara K., Parent
"Josephine is the best daycare provider in our area. All three of our children attended her daycare and now our twins are going to kindergarten this year. We know they have been well prepared for this transition due to her experience, wealth of knowledge, and attentiveness she shows every child there. We actually saw how ready they were when we went to our 7 year olds Math Night at school. Our son (age 5) was sitting in the class room while our daughter's first grade teacher taught the parents a math lesson. When she would ask the group how many do we have left. My son was the first one to answer her and answer correctly; might I add! We were so proud of him, and we know that Barbara's teachings were the reason why he could actually answer a 1st grade math problem. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for child care. She has an open door policy and encourages parents to stop by anytime. She has the best assistant (Kristi) who is loved by all the kids. She listens to any concerns you have and is very accommodating. I'm sadden that my kids have to leave to go to school because Barbara has been a tremendous educator. Sadly our era has come to an end, but I know they have been well taken care of, and will do well in the future because of the foundation she has helped create for our children." - Shaw Family
"I am pleased to have an opportunity to inform you about my provider, Josephine Chan. My family and I have known Josephine for almost four years now. She is hard working and enthusiastic about her day care. Josephine always encourages parents, and in our case Grandparents to be involved by participating in field trips and special events.
At this time, Josephine is Maryland credentialed at Level 5 and is in the CDA and processing being a NAFCC accredited. Not only does she strive to be the best in her field but she is continuing her education and is a current student at Montgomery College. Josephine is pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education which she has almost completed. Education is important to Josephine, so she has incorporated a "High Reach Curriculum" with the children that began this September. At the end of the each week, parents take home their child's folder and see the hard wort they have done that week. Also, inside the folder is the plan for the upcoming week and any requests for special items that pertain to the upcoming curriculum. Josephine works hard to keep the children learning while keeping it fun.
~ - Melody H., Parent

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