God's Favor Childcare

Basic Information

Address: 1909 Auburn Drive Louisville KY 40216
Phone Number: 5027186223

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Additional Information

Director: Dale Lewis
Ages/Grades: 6 wks- 5 years
Licensor: 4c
License Number: c67348
School Type: Childcare
School Setting:

Day care center

Classroom Size: 6
Year Opened: 2012
Hours: Monday- Thursday 6am- 12 am Fiday 6am- 6pm
School Season: open
Tuition: $100- $125
Meals Provided?: Yes
Full Time/Part Time: Both
Languages Spoken: English
First Aid Certified?: Yes
Religious?: Yes
Extended Care?: Yes
Transportation Provided?: No
Financial Assistance Accepted?: Yes, 4 c
Academic Programs: dYes, Enchanted learning, ed helper. a to z.com Dlk.com
School Events: We have show and tell, and fun raisers
Mission Statement:

Children should be loved, their mind should always be challenged, here at God's Favor Childcare your child will learn and grow, we provide a safe learning environment where your children will soar and reach for the stars

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our primary philosophy begins with the belief that each child has a unique and individual spirit worthy of respect

School History:

Our school was established in 2012, I provide a learning environment that will help your child to think for themselves


Porshia Mills wrote, Mrs Dale is a great teacher, my son loves her

Slogan: Children are precious

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