Little Learner's Preschool, Inc.

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Address: 127th and Quivira (in between Nieman and Quivira) Overland Park, KS. 66213
Phone Number: 9136960211

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Little Learner's Preschool, Inc.
Little Learner's Preschool, Inc.
Little Learner's Preschool, Inc.
Little Learner's Preschool, Inc.

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Additional Information

Director: Leah Ruchotzke
Ages/Grades: 2.5 yrs - 5 yrs
Licensor: Kansas
License Number: Available Upon Request
School Type: Preschool
School Setting:

My school is different because I individualize the curriculum to fit each student's individual needs. For example, every 3 year old is at a different level, so I develop a curriculum to meet their personal needs. (Most schools teach every student the same thing on the same day:every 3 year old learns the letter A, etc.) One of the other benefits of my school, is that most preschools do not let kids enroll unless they are at least 3, where I take them starting at 2 years of age. 90% of your child's brain is developed by age 4. This is why I start taking students at an earlier age to make sure they have the advantage of as much learning as possible. This allows your child to be even more prepared when they enter school and gives them the chance for more exposure to a structured environment that helps in early brain development and helps them to have a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Classroom Size: 8 per day max
Year Opened: 2006
Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm Mon - Fri
School Season: Year Round
Meals Provided?: Yes
State Permits?: Yes
Full Time/Part Time: Both
Languages Spoken: English
First Aid Certified?: Yes
Religious?: Yes
Extended Care?: No
Transportation Provided?: No
Financial Assistance Accepted?: No
Academic Programs: * Individualized Curriculum/One on One Education/Montessori activities * Safe, clean, and loving in home environment * No more than 8 children at a time * Age range from 2 years and up * Licensed Facility that participates in the state food program (serve 75% organic food) * Dedicated areas for school/play/rest time * Non-smoking, pet free home w/ fenced yard and age appropriate toys * Lots of fun and learning (structured day) * Group Music, Private Piano, Art (Higher Level), Martial Arts and Mini Yogis(yoga) classes offered monthly * Green facility:water filtration system, air purifiers and organic cleaning products used
School Events: Yoga: 45 min-held on one Tuesday every month Martial Arts: 45 min-held on two Thursdays every month Group Music: 45 min-held on one Thursday every month Private Piano: 15-20min-held on the same Thursday as group music class for those who just want to try it out and 30 minute lessons offered every Friday for students who want to be a full time piano student. These are both piano and voice lessons. ARTE: 45min-held on the first Wednesday of every month
Mission Statement:

Little Learners In-Home Preschool is a Christian-based preschool. We accept children ages 2 years and older. We individualize the curriculum to meet each student's individual needs. Educated/Experienced staff. Safe, structured environment; nutritious meals; cutting-edge curriculum (also includes some Montesorri learning.)
Our students usually test in the 99% when they are tested in Kindergarten! Enrichment classes offered: art studio, group music, private piano lessons, martial arts, and yoga. Ask about our early reading program and Kindergarten prep program.
We are also a GREEN facility!! We use air filters, water filtration system, green cleaning products and serve 75% organic food.We welcome you to view our site and find out more about our unique program.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Because 90% of a child's brain is developed before age 4, we take students younger than 3 years of age to utilize this critical time of learning. If these experiences are positive and satisfying, the foundations are formed for enthusiastic life long learning.
We believe that every child learns differently and is an individual. That is why at Little Learners In Home Preschool Inc., every student is taught at their level and has their own individualized curriculum. Teaching kids at their level, gives them the chance to develop as individuals and move at their own pace.**Our curriculum goes well past the preschool/Pre-K level-most students leave working on first and second grade material (especially in reading)-most of our kids are testing in the top 99% and above when they take the map tests in kindergarten!!**

School History:

Thank you for your interest in Little Learners In Home Christian Preschool. Please allow me to introduce myself and tell you about the unique program I offer. I am the owner/director with a background devoted to children and education. My qualifications include: Associate Degree in Early Education, BA in Secondary Ed., and Masters work in Gifted Education. I have had the privilege to teach for the past 18 years in centers, private homes, public schools, and now in my home school.

Notes/School Information:
Daily Routine:
****The daily routine does vary depending on the season and due to individualizing the curriculum****
Drop off: 8:30-9
Free Learning Time-montessori work, puzzles, table activities, computer, phonics/reading circle with teacher
Individual Learning/One on One Teaching/table and floor activities
Computer Class- phonics, math, poetry, etc.
Circle Time-seasons, weather, life lessons, special units, learning reviews, animals, bible verse, prayer
Music Class-singing, dance, listening skills, rhyming, memory games, pledge of allegiance, etc.
Movement-dance, exercises, counting, imagination, short plays, drama, puppet shows, opposites, left/right, yoga, coordination, etc.
Math/Tactile Learning
Play Time-outside if weather permits/team sports
Story time/Bible lesson/Bible verse/Group Lesson
Nap time
Snack- outside if weather permits
Writing Class/Workbook Activities/Art/Science- varies daily
Free Play- outside if weather permits
Learning Games- encourages teamwork
Pick Up: 4-4:30

Sample Daily Menu:
Breakfast: Whole grain waffles/blueberries/milk
Lunch: Chicken breast/carrot sticks/strawberries/whole grain pita/milk
Snack: Bagel with peanut butter/orange slices/water

State Food Program:We participate in the State Food Program and serve whole foods and have an organic food program.

Teaching Staff:

Head Teacher/Owner's qualifications include: Associate Degree in Early Education, BA in Secondary Ed., and Masters work in Gifted Education. I have had the privilege to teach for the past 18 years in centers, private homes, public schools, and now in my home school.

Assistant Teacher's qualifications include: 15 years experience teaching in private Christian schools and public schools (preschool-kindergarten age) 9 years as a lead preschool teacher in various Christian schools. 6 years as a para educator for special education (ages kindergarten-fifth grade) in the Olathe school district. She has also served as an assistant music teacher and art teacher for over 2 years.
Second Assistant Teacher's qualifications include 30 plus years of teaching. She has her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified in Montessori Early Childhood training. She has owned her own private art studio, served as Director of a Montessori school, taught art studios for Barstow Academy, Blue Valley Rec and various private schools in the area.

Substitute Teacher: Has taught for over 10 years in her own home school, and private Christian schools and preschools.

Enrichment Teachers: All teachers who teach at Little Learners Preschool Inc. have a KBI background check through the state of Kansas and are up to date on all necessary training, immunizations,and qualifications required by the state. Our teachers also take yearly early childhood courses to stay up to date on current child development.


Leah offers a one of a kind service! My daughter loves Leah and the children she interacted with there. It's a nurturing and safe environment full of many different activities introduced to stimulate the child. I just can not say enough about Leah, her program or the environment that is provided.
Speaking of her program specifically, my 3 year old daughter is reading and writing, has been introduced to and is completing simple math ideas. She also has had the great pleasure of learning about science, and the things around us (plants, animals, growing things, etc, hands on), she has had the opportunities to take part in structured music, art and yoga (martial arts also was an option). Our older daughter went to a preschool at a church, and didn't learn a third of those things until she started kindergarten, so Leah has really taken our younger daughter to such a higher level of learning, and in such a loving manner.
Charlene Rood

I sent my son to to Little Learner's Preschool when he was 4-he turned 5 a few months later. He was a little bit older than the other children and was astonished that children who were younger were reading and doing math; but Leah put him at ease and immediately began to work with him on his letters, sounds, numbers, math, art etc. I was amazed how much he learned in such a short period of time. Within 6 months of being at Little Learners he can add, subtract, establish patterns, read, and his speed of processing has soared, not to mention his self-confidence! He had attended 2 other "pre-schools" before coming to Little Learners and he learned more in a few months than in 2 years in the other facilities. I am so happy that I can sit down with him and have him read me a story before bed or when we drive by a store sign he sounds out the name or words on the sign. I know he is ready to enter Kindergarten with the confidence and abilities to succeed. My only regret is that I wasted 2 years in other facilities and not sending him to the Little Learners Preschool when he was 2. I can't say enough about how wonderful this preschool is and you couldn't ask for a better teacher and person than Leah. Rest assured your child will be loved, taught and enriched from attending Little Learners Preschool.
Seinda Foresman

My children have been going to Little Learners Preschool Inc. with Mrs. Leah for over five years. My son, Quinn, who is now 7, started with Leah when he was 2 years old. Over the course of 5 years I watched my son grow tremendously! Quinn is like any young boy and many times could be a behavioral problem. Leah gave our family many tools to work WITH our son and not against him. She constantly encouraged a collaborative relationship between my husband and I and her. Never did she ever give up on my son and he is truly a better kid because of her!
Leah has always treated both of my children as her own. As a working mother, I have taken great comfort in knowing that my children are loved and nurtured at school just as if they were at home. My children genuinely love Leah and constantly talk about their school experiences and lessons.
Although this was not the most important thing to me- my children have always excelled far beyond others their age. My children are not gifted academically but have been fortunate to be exposed to so many avenues of education because of Leah.
I have been working in education for over 13 years and I feel like I am pretty picky about who my children are exposed to as well as I know what to expect from a school and a teacher. I can honestly say- Little Learners Preschool Inc is the best preschool I have ever been to.
My children have recently left Leah :( and are now both in Elementary school- however, I will continue to keep in touch with Leah not only because my kids miss her dearly but so do I! Leah was not only my children's teacher but a great friend to our family. She is honest, loyal and trustwothy and we have been so blessed to have had a chance to have her as part of our lives. I highly ly recommend this school!
Krista McGee

Our 2 girls, Grace and Kate, went to Leah’s Little Learners Preschool 3 and 4 years before starting kindergarten, respectively. They have completely different personalities, but they both loved going to Little Learners. They enjoyed the small class environment, the fact that it is an in-house setting, the schedule, the various activities, nap time with their friends, and of course Miss Leah. They learned so much during those years in areas like math, science, reading, art, music, etc. Leah is extremely good at understanding each student’s needs and she is able to bring out the best in them. She developed specific curriculum and spent time with each kid individually. They learned to read and write at Little Learners and were so excited to read to Miss Leah everyday! It was very difficult for them to leave for kindergarten. Leah prepared them very well for school in every aspect (academic, social, etc) and to this day, both girls are at the top of their class, read at 2 grade levels above their current grade, and are very well integrated in their class and school. They both say that Miss Leah is the best teacher they ever had and love to visither. We would highly recommend Little Learners.
Eric Laille

We were very happy with our family's experience at Little Learners Preschool Inc. It really was a family affair as I feel Leah took the interest into knowing our son and our family’s values. We were very impressed with Leah's warm and caring personality right from the start and we know our child loves school because of her enthusiasm for her students and the personalized attention he received. She has designed her program to be a rich and stimulating environment and you can tell her passion for children provides her with the fuel to run an outstanding program. Her preschool is a clean, bright, well-organized environment for the students to be surrounded by an appetizing and inviting learning area. One of my favorite things about Ms. Leah's was her excellent communication. We always knew what our son was talking and learning about at school so we could reinforce his home school connections to enhance his preschool experience. It was the little comments like him saying "did you know frogs eat bugs?” “I’m going to be kind to my brother”, or “that has the "b" sound in it” when talking about something at the dinner table that let us know he was synthesizing all his preschool knowledge to his everyday activities. We loved and looked forward to the daily emails to update us on what he was studying, eating, how he was behaving, and photos to let us see his participation. Ms. Leah also provides extremely thorough progress reports to let us know how our son was performing and changing. The extra classes available at Ms. Leah's gave our son additional opportunities to follow directions and participate in group activities. With these extra teachers our son was able to learn expectations at these times and widen his exposure to different activities. We loved seeing his “yoga moves” and his martial arts balancing skills. Our son's favorite activities at preschool included: martial arts, outdoor play, student performed puppet shows, and bible verse activities. Ms. Leah does a wonderful job of making these concepts age appropriate and integrated into their daily lives. I could tell this from my son's comments and word choices and his use of newly acquired vocabulary related to his experiences at school. Ms. Leah did a wonderful job of translating difficult adult concepts into a digestible forms which included kindness to others, respect, honoring your parents, overcoming adversities, and faith. As an educator myself, I take my child's early school experiences very seriously. Our son was excited to go to school each day and genuinely enjoyed learning. His preschool exposure to a variety of units increased his curiosity and allowed us to continue his learning and skill development at home. He learned great phonological awareness skills (i.e., rhyming, first sound identification, and segmentation). At the beginning of his time with Ms. Leah, our son was reluctant to talk and participate with the other children. The small and personalized class size gave our child the opportunity to develop from a shy and cautious student into a confident and outgoing learner. He was 2.5 years old when he started at Little Learners. He really benefitted from the multiple age levels and would often comment on higher-level skills he observed the other kids doing especially in the area of letter-sound acquisition and other pre-reading skills. He made great connections with the other kids and would talk of them often and fondly at home. We were very happy with our family's experience!
Lisa Bergeson

Leah's standards and expectations are very high, far beyond other preschools. I called a dozen preschools around town asking about their curriculum and well they didn't really have a curriculum for preschoolers. We were searching for an education beyond coloring books and my husband had a colleague whose child attended Leah's preschool. After talking with he and his wife we knew we'd hit the jackpot. Finally someone who actually taught young children! We've had 2 kids attend her preschool over a span of 3 years. One of the things I loved was her commitment to the kids' education, she made sure my kids were rock solid and didn't just push them along. Both girls were reading, writing, and doing early math before kindergarten. In fact, my oldest daughters’ kindergarten teacher said she had the best reading comprehension in the classroom. Both kids felt like preschool was a safe place - they always felt successful and confident while learning. I'd never had a child come home feeling bad about school. They were always excited to show me what they had learned. Both of our kids looked forward to school, playing and trying new foods. My kids enjoyed the extra classes; in fact, we are currently enrolled in martial arts to continue what they learned at Little Learners. One of my girls is musically talented so piano time/music class was a big hit for her. The girls always looked forward to the zoo field trip and to the fall family party at the horse ranch. Actually, we fell in love with the horse ranch so much that my oldest has taken horse lessons from them for the past 3 years. Leah has become far more than a teacher-she's a true friend. We've loved working with her; she genuinely loves children and has their best interest at heart.
Joni Archer

My son has been attending Little Learners for one year - he began attending when he was almost 3 and is now almost 4. In this past year he has learned so much (colors, letters, shapes, etc), but the most amazing thing is that he is beginning to read - at 3 years old!!!!! My husband and I could not be more pleased with Leah and her incredible program. Our son loves to attend and has grown so much this past year. Not only is this school academically superb, but it is full of excellence in every area! Our son participates in the monthly Yoga and Martial Arts classes and has so much fun! We believe in what Leah is doing and would recommend this wonderful preschool to anyone!
Jeannie Purkey

Leah is amazing! We enrolled our three year old at Little Leaners Preschool in August of 2007 and she was reading by December of the same year. Our daughter just finished kindergarten and is reading at a third grade, first month level.
Leah is loving & treats each child as her own. We love the Christian environment, too. They sing songs about Jesus & Leah is teaching them Christian values.
The extra-curricular activities are fantastic. We even had the opportunity to let our daughter have private voice & piano lessons at Leah's during the school day.
When we first enrolled, we were concerned about the lunch program because our daughter is a very picky eater. Leah got our daughter to eat things she still won't eat for us, but at least we know she'd eat them for Ms. Leah.
Leah is truly a blessing and we are so grateful to her for all the work she did with our daughter. Our only regret is that we didn't find her before our son started school!
Libby Tullis

It has been a true blessing for our daughter to attend this school. She has come out of her shell and has made major strides when it comes to her education. Ms. Leah has done a great job working with her special talents and her needs. We love her and we are looking forward to sending her our next child.

I would highly recommend Leah's Little Learner's Preschool! Leah provides a very fun and structured environment that the kids just love while at the same time learn something new everyday! Leah is truly passionate about her kids' learning at the same time having fun. Our daughter has been at Leah's for about 6 months, and she absolutely loves "Mia's" (that's what she calls Miss Leah...). Leah truly customizes each child's curriculum, activities and pace. She gives frequent updates/reports, and works with you in order to continue activities at home that will help reinforce what they are learning at school. Would highly recommend Leah's!
Dan Farrell

My son (Grady,3) has been at Little Learners Preschool for about 6 months. And he has learned so much in these last 6 months!! He loves the school and his friends! It's like a little family! I am so happy that I found Leah's school and she has given my son the chance for a headstart in life!
Shelly Kuhasz

I highly recommend Leah's In Home Preschool. Prior to our daughter's enrollment, it was important to my husband and I to meet with Leah. During the interview, we were impressed with her educational background, her sincere personality and her love for children. The home set-up was important to us as well. We enjoyed seeing artwork displayed, learning stations, lots of books and a very clean loving home. We feel confident with our daughter's learning environment, because we see her progress at home (she's not even 2). Leah communicates well with us about our daughter's day, her progress and future needs. We feel confident about her placement at Leah's and enjoy knowing that our daughter loves it there!

Our daughter came to Little Learner's Preschool at age 2.5 when we moved to Kansas. We were looking for a preschool that would challenge her keen mind, but did not want her in a large preschool setting. Little Learners was the caring, home-based environment we were looking for and with Leah's teaching expereince and credentials we were confident it was the right place for our daughter.During her two years of time there we were so grateful for Leah. She has been both a wonderful teacher and care giver to our daughter. She taught her to read (she left reading at a second grade level) and write. She learned basic math and so many things is it simply amazing. Leah figured out what it is that makes Alethea tick and then provided her with educational and social activities that challenged her and rewarded her. She also made sure she ate well and always planned fun activities like visits from Santa, the Zoo and fun classes. We were reassured that she put thought and attention into who attended school to make sure everyone was compatible. We loved the small setting with customized learning and indivdual attention. Most of all we loved Leah's infectious positive attitude and the love she showered on our daughter everday. Alethea really blossomed under her care and teaching. We highly recommend Little Learners Preschool.
Ryan and Ricarda Miller

I feel so blessed to have found Leah's Little Learners Preschool. I started my 2 year old daughter there last month and I am so glad I did. I find myself amazed each day I drop her off and she wants to go and then each day I pick her up and she has learned something new and is having such a great time. In one month the progress my daughter has made is amazing. The care that Leah gives is so nurturing and educational and fun. I feel that my daughter is very safe when she is with Leah. I was impressed at how selective and how much thought Leah puts into making sure that possible new children fit in with her current children, it shows how much she really cares.
Even in the short time we have been going to Leah's, I already feel like she's a part of the family. What more could you ask for. Like I said, I feel blessed.
Shelly Drury

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