Pride Academy

Basic Information

Address: 5615 W 22nd Street Indianapolis, IN
Phone Number: 317-373-5183
Fax Number: 317-247-5788

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Additional Information

Director: Alisia Apple
Ages/Grades: 6 weeks-12 yrs
Licensor: FSSA
License Number: U26044
School Type: Center
School Setting:


Classroom Size: 5,500 sq ft
Year Opened: 2000
Hours: 5:00 am- midnight
School Season: Year round
Tuition: See
Meals Provided?: Yes
State Permits?: Yes
Full Time/Part Time: Full Time
First Aid Certified?: Yes
Religious?: Yes
Extended Care?: No
Summer School/Camp?: Yes
Transportation Provided?: Yes
Financial Assistance Accepted?: No
Academic Programs: ISTAR KR. NWEA
School Events: See
Mission Statement:

See site

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

See site

School History:

20 years

Notes/School Information:

We offer Boy Scouts, Girl Scuts, Violin, Piano, Garage Band, African dance and drums.


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