Amie Maciszewski/Sangeet Millennium

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Address: 327 S. Edgefield Ave, Dallas, TX 75208
Phone Number: 5129652368
Director: Amie Maciszewski

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Amie Maciszewski/Sangeet Millennium
Amie Maciszewski/Sangeet Millennium
Amie Maciszewski/Sangeet Millennium
Amie Maciszewski/Sangeet Millennium

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Additional Information

Focus: South Asian music for the world
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: single assembly, lecture demo: 30-70 min., concert 45-90 min., workshop 1-5 days


Pricing: public performance/concert $900 - $3900, school performance $500-$1400, optional service cultural festival $900-$1800, optional service collaborative production $2500-6000

Programs include: (1) Sangeet, the Classical Music of India- sitar and tabla performance, other instruments and/or voice optional; (2) Songs & Colors of the Seasons- multimedia performance showcasing music & visual imagery celebrating North Indian seasonal festival/s; (3) Collaborative multimedia and/or multidisciplinary theme performance/installations exploring various topics such as women in contemporary South Asian music, dance, and film; (4) "Ishwar-Allah-Ram Tero Naam/God-Allah-Ram is Your Name" an exploration of commonalities and contrast in popular devotional musics in South Asia; (5) Sangeet Millennium Ensemble's Indo-Jazz Grooves- traditional & original material performed on sitar, saxophone, & tabla (vocal, bass optional).

Residencies: A residency can consist of any combination of the above workshop topics, or one of them in depth, with my group presenting a performance at the end of the residency. If the host institution chooses to explore one topic in depth, we can prepare students to perform one or two selections of relevant repertoire in a final assembly which will consist of the students' performance followed by ours.
Setup: 30-40 minutes
Takedown: 20 minutes
Equiptment: PA system having minimum 400 watts power, 4 inputs, speakers, and if possible stage monitors. Power strip(s) and 20 or 30-ft extension cord. 4 mics (preferable 2 Shur 57 and 2 Shur 58) with low boom stands suitable for use sitting on the floor. Cables for each, plus 1/4-inch jack cable and if possible RCA cable for my sitar's pickup and DI box. Stage or platform on the floor measuring minimum 6'x8'.
Special Requirements: Clean tapestry or carpet covering the stage area, minimum 6'x8'. Additional equipment in the case of a student performance.

Through teaching music lessons and directing ensembles, Amie Maciszewski facilitates students of Hindustani music in the discovery of this art form’s formidable challenge, transformative quality, and joyous inspiration. She strives to motivate students and nurture their confidence and creativity by providing situations for them to perform together in public contexts. Her belief is that practicing this music and participating in its culture in diaspora will lead students from diverse backgrounds to improve their analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, as well as broaden their conception of sound and culture.

Thus, her role is that of a cultural mediator between music makers and performing artists of diverse communities, academia, and the public sector. In other words, she advocates an interdisciplinary approach to the study of musics around the world as a study of intercultural communication.

In this regard, Amie Maciszewski and Sangeet Millennium pursue the following goals, causes, and activities:

1.Using the music and culture of the Indian subcontinent as a foundation on which to lead community members in the joyful exploration of the rich diversity of music and dance in the world. The objective here is to raise people’s awareness and, ultimately, respect for different types of this ultimate human expression.

2.Providing opportunities for individuals of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities to participate in these art forms in collaborative performances, workshops, and festivals. This includes professional performing artists (both local and guest), students, and arts lovers.

3.Carrying out the role of cultural mediator between music makers and other performing artists of diverse communities, academia, and the public sector.

Mission Statement:

Amie Maciszewski seeks to re-present the music and culture of South Asia, in which she has been immersed for more than half of her life, in a manner that is accessible to people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities. She uses her grounding in the music and culture of South Asia as a foundation upon which to lead students and community members in the exploration of the rich diversity of music and dance in the world, thus raising people’s awareness and, ultimately, their respect for different types of this ultimate human expression.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Amie and Sangeet Millennium’s vision is to create and inhabit spaces where the performing and visual/media arts, knowledge, and human rights weave together as narrative threads of the same story, inspiring aesthetic delight, compassion, understanding, and, ultimately, positive change.

Program History:

Sitarist Dr. Amie Maciszewski is an award-winning artist and educator based in Dallas, TX. Audiences describe Amie’s classical sitar/tabla and Indo-jazz fusion ensemble performances as “stunning” and “elegantly vibrant.” Her training includes both academic and traditional immersion training in India (B.Mus., M.Mus., sitar performance, and mentorship under the late Pandit Suresh Misra in Santiniketan) and the U.S. (Ph.D., ethnomusicology, UTexas/Austin), as well as ongoing traditional study with two legendary gurus: Grammy-nominated Ustad Aashish Khan and vocal diva Dr. Girija Devi. Amie has published numerous articles and book chapters and co-produced/directed four films documenting her research with socially marginalized musicians in India. She has served as visiting professor/teaching artist/musician-researcher at several universities and colleges in the US, Canada, India, and Pakistan. She has received multiple international awards for her scholarship, musical performance, outreach, and teaching, traveling three continents completing artist residencies, directing ensembles and performing in recitals, and conducting all-ages workshops on both South Asian traditional music and world fusion music. She is a selected artist on the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Touring Roster and Mid-America Arts Alliance (MAAA), an Empanelled Artist of the India World Cultural Forum (IWCF), and a former City of Austin Cultural Contractor (2000-13) as well as New Mexico Arts Division Artist-in-Residence (1986-91). Her acclaimed Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, founded in 2006, seamlessly and dynamically defies sonic boundaries, blending traditional South Asian melodies with jazz/world grooves. She has six CDs to her credit: 2 solo sitar with tabla, 3 with Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, and one with her vocal guru; and appears in soundtracks of several independent films.

The initiative Sangeet Millennium grew out of the Society for India Music, a non-profit organization founded in Albuquerque, NM, in 1990 and relocated to Austin, TX in 1993. In 1999, Amie renamed the organization Sangeet, and in 2003, Sangeet Millennium. Amie and Sangeet Millennium’s programs and projects were supported from 2000 to 2013 by the City of Austin Cultural Contracts. Amie and Sangeet Millennium has been a selected artist of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Touring Roster since 2008 and of Mid-America Arts Alliance (MAAA) since 2010. Since her move to Dallas, Amie has set up Sangeet Millennium/Dallas in 2013. Most recently, they received support from TCA in Sept. 2016 to present "Declare World Peace: A Festival of World Music, Dance and Poetry," sponsored by Unity on Greenville (Dallas), in which 13 diverse world musicians, a dancer, and a poet performed and a part of the proceeds was donated to support the United Nations/Dallas Refugee Services. In Sept. 2015, with the support of TCA Musical Bridges Around the World's Kids to Concerts program supported Amie & Sangeet Millennium's outreach performance tour of six Title 1 schools in San Antonio, serving 3000 low-income K-5 students. MAAA has supported tours by Amie & Sangeet Millennium in 2012 and 2016.

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