The Atwood Players

Basic Information

Address: 4555 N 150th St Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone Number: 262-501-4798
Fax Number: None
Director: Mary Ellen Atwood

Action Shots

The Atwood Players
The Atwood Players
The Atwood Players
The Atwood Players

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Additional Information

Focus: Educational live theatre
Grade Levels: K-5
Length: 35 minutes

within two hours of Milwaukee

Pricing: $300 plus travel fee: $0 in Milwaukee County; $40 within 60 miles of Milwaukee County; $80 within 120 miles of Milwaukee County

Half-hour acting workshops in conjunction with a performance are available for a group of up to 20 students. Workshop fee is $50 per each half-hour.

Residencies: None.
Setup: 30 minutes
Takedown: 30 minutes
Equiptment: No equipment is needed from the school
Special Requirements: Only an open space at least 16 feet wide and at least 10 feet deep

We have over 30 years experience providing a wide variety of high-quality plays for elementary school assembly programs. Our plays can be done almost anywhere and are super-simple to stage. They include themes of multi-culturalism, encourage reading, teach classic children's literature, encourage creativity and get the kids involved with audience participation.

Mission Statement:

To provide elementary school students with high-quality interactive plays that encourage reading, multi-culturalism, creativity and healthy relationships.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Children learn by experiencing. By drawing kids into an engaging story we can take them through experiences in their imagination that will make them healthier, happier people.

Program History:

We are a husband and wife team. We have been performing plays in elementary schools for over 30 years and have logged over 2,000 performances. We love children (have four of our own) and sincerely enjoy performing for kids!


"Complete professionalism...comments from children and adults were filled with lavish praise - all of it well deserved." librarian
"The Atwoods' productions demonstrate cleverness and professional stagecraft." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"I liked the big book that had the scenery." 2nd grader

"...loved the audience involvement!" patron

Additional Information:

Our plays can be presented without amplification (no microphones) in a lunchroom, gym or multi-purpose room as well as a stage. We bring all of the equipment needed with us. If time permits we discuss the play and experience with the kids after the show, answering questions and taking comments.

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