Brian Chevalier Songspun Production

Basic Information

Address: 62 Lexington Ave. Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone Number: 518-798-2030
Director: Brian Chevalier

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Brian Chevalier Songspun Production
Brian Chevalier Songspun Production
Brian Chevalier Songspun Production
Brian Chevalier Songspun Production

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Additional Information

Focus: school assembly programs
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5
Length: 45 minutes


Pricing: $500 - $1,000 per day

Brian Chevalier and Songspun Productions offer engaging workshops for character education, anti-bullying, team building, mindfulness and nutrition. Over 25 years of experience working in schools. Songwriting, mindfulness, team building and meet the songwriter. Create your own song!

Residencies: Brian Chevalier and Songspun Productions offer engaging workshops for character education, anti-bullying, team building, mindfulness and nutrition. Over 25 years of experience working in schools. Songwriting, mindfulness, team building and meet the songwriter. Create your own song!
Setup: 1 hour before start time.
Takedown: Within 30 minutes.
Equiptment: I supply all of my own equipment.
Special Requirements: None.
Highlights: Character Day
with Brian!

Have a focus group (such as a class or a grade level) create an original Character Education song for your class/school. The writing process is a great way to engage kids in a deep, meaningful discussion about character, bullying, self-esteem or any other topics you would like to include in the song.

They will perform this song with Brian in a school wide assembly that same day.This is often a 2 day process in which the students write the song on the first day and perform it in a school wide assembly on the second day. You can also include a studio quality recorded copy of this song for your school's future use.

Through a discussion on the phone with a representative from the school or parent group Brian plans the overall direction and message to be contained in the song he will write with your school.

The possibilities are endless - contact Brian today to schedule your PBIS assembly or songwriting workshop!

Write a school song and include your school's Character Education school wide theme. Write a song based on your favorite characters from books. Tie in your school's modo. Personalize the song to your school. View Printable PDF >

Anti-bullying workshops NY, LI, NJ, VT, PA, MA, CT
Character education assembly

Listen to the kids sing the song
they wrote with Brian >

Character Education / Anti-Bullying Workshops & Assemblies

Brian Chevalier has been engaging and inspiring audiences in schools since 1995 with his highly interactive Character Education and Anti-Bullyingschool assemblies in NY, LI, NJ, VT, PA, MA, CT.

Back to School Character and anti-bullying assemblies are a great way to kick of your character and anti bully programs in September and October. Brian has performed extensively throughout NY (including Long Island), New England and throughout the country. He will travel throughout the U.S. and Canada, but additional travel charges may apply. Brian has been a sought after part of many school's Character Education programs. He has become a regular guest presenter at The Character Education academy at Russell Sage College in Albany, NY, where he performs with students from schools he has written original character based songs with. Brian's Character Education performances are highly participatory and upbeat. His shows are 45 minutes in length. His performance will energize your school community and help you reinforce your Character Ed themes in a fun and interactive way.

Book Brian for your character education workshop or assembly.

Brian Chevalier's performances celebrate good character and send a solid message about Respect, Fairness, Cooperation, Bullying, Good Citizenship, Teamwork, Responsibility, Making Healthy Choices, Caring, Sharing and Empathy with your students without talking "at" them.

Contact Brian or call 518-798-2030 for information about creating a Character Education workshop or student assembly in NY, LI, CT, MA, VT, PA.

Students are totally engaged from the start... singing, playing air guitar, joining the "Maraca Orchestra," and more. He does age-targeted shows for older and younger audiences.

Brian has an immense repertoire of Character Education songs and will customize a concert that will fit your Character Ed program or monthly themes and have your students moving and responding to a solid Character Education message.

Mindfulness In Schools Initiatives

Mindfulness is a practice many schools are starting to use to help students deal with stress and other challenges that confront children today. Mindfulness in schools initiatives support students by teaching them how to keep themselves centered, and become the best that they can be! Acceptance and knowing what we can and can't change is key in mental well-being. The things that cause stress, anxiety and worry are as varied as there are individual people.

Teaching Mindfulness In School Assemblies

The strength of this program is in its' simplicity. Students already possess the skills to be mindful in their everyday lives. When students are intently working on a drawing, or running carefree on the playground they are simply being present. Their minds are not lost in worry about the past or worry about the future....they are just "being present."

Brian's program Mindfulness - Freedom Within, achieves two main goals. First, through a line of inquiry, Brian helps students realize that they ALREADY possess the skills necessary to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The class will practice some quiet reflective moments, accompanied by instrumental guitar, where students will practice using their five senses to help them be present.

Once students realize that they ALREADY possess the skills necessary to practice daily mindfulness, Brian poses the following questions to achieve his second goal: "When and how can we intentionally use these skills (that we already possess) when we DO feel stressed, worried and anxious?" Having these mindfulness skills already within us is kind of like having a superpower...the only question is....when and how do we use these superpowers to help ourselves stay present, calm and mindful?

Brian then introduces students to breathing techniques they can use when stressful situations arise, when they are just feeling anxious, or to just unwind after a busy day.

Brian's experience conducting workshops in schools for over twenty years allows him to work well with all age groups. One of the consistent pieces of feedback Brian receives from educators is the strength of his lines of inquiry. Rather than telling kids the information, he weaves stories and music together with the most important part of the dialogue...the students' own thoughts and ideas.

A mindfulness residency usually culminates with a fun, interactive performance in which the students are engaged and present. Brian presents his fun, character based songs and ties mindfulness into character education ideas like empathy, respect and being of service to others.

This one day program can stand alone or is sometimes combined with a second day focusing on Songwriting. Brian leads the students through the songwriting process where the students brainstorm and write lyrics based on their experience on Day One of the program, as well as their knowledge of mindfulness. Having a song, that they created, helps students remember the strategies that they already possess, and empowers them to use these superpowers to have mindful, calm and happy days.

Mission Statement:

I empower kids to create explore and learn through the Arts.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

I believe that kids need to be completely engaged in order to learn. That is why all of my assemblies, workshops and residencies are fun and highly interactive.

Program History:

Brian Chevalier has been traveling throughout the United States for over 30 years and have worked in hundreds of schools.


"Working with Brian was a pleasure from start to finish. He embraced our objectives, worked tirelessly to achieve them, and we are thrilled with the songs that resulted. Thank you Brian. What a fantastic experience!"

Brooke Materese
Dover, MA


"Thank you Mr. C, for coming to our school and helping us write our new school song!"

Arlington, Virginia


"Brian has visited our school a number of times and each time has been incredible! While he is most certainly a talented musician, his gifts are abundant. He has a calm and understanding way with the students, yet his enthusiasm for music is absolutely contagious. What's more, he stays informed and is able to incorporate our most pressing educational changes. During his most recent visit the songs Mr. Chevalier and the students created were based on a Dignity For All Act theme, anti-bullying. And the in-depth study involved in writing and revising one's own song demonstrates our NYS Common Core Curriculum at its best! Now stop reading these reviews and get in touch with him before he’s all booked up!"
Nicole Cremo
3rd grade teacher
Jackson Heights Elementary School


"What sets Brian apart from other songwriters in schools is the opportunity he provides for further usage of the songs in the future."

Annie Campbell, Big Cross Street School, Glens Falls, NY


"He had a great rapport with the students and developed an instant bond with them."

Alan Spieldenner, 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Corinth, NY


"I can unequivocally recommend Brian Chevalier for your school. At Forest Park he has done an outstanding job of demonstrating his professionalism, dedication, and obvious love of working with children."

Denise L. Pleickhardt, Principal, Colonie, NY


"Working with Brian Chevalier was a great experience and a true example of collaboration at it's finest!"

Tricia Carlson, third grade teacher, Blue Creek Elementary School

Additional Information:

Recommendations are available upon request. Brian Specializes in making his programs fit the needs of schools programs and initiatives. Block booking rates are also available.

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