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Address: 3710 Cedar St. Box 16 Austin, TX 78705
Phone Number: 512-656-6865
Fax Number: 512-656-6865
Director: Sergey Vashchenko

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Eastern European Music and Culture
Eastern European Music and Culture
Eastern European Music and Culture
Eastern European Music and Culture

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 min.

6000 ml.

Pricing: $1,500.00

30 min.

Residencies: 1 week
Setup: 30 min.
Takedown: 15 min.
Equiptment: We provide sound equipment, instrumentation, costumes, prompt, transportation.
Special Requirements: We do not provide light equipment.

10th - Learning Objectives in show of Flying Balalaika Brothers - Russian Folk Group:

1. Kids recognize and remember music tempos through dance and clapping rhythms. (Lento, Andante, Allegro, Presto)

2. Sound and shape of typical Russian Folk instruments, their relationship to the musical Family of instruments :( Balalaika, Bayan, Lozhki)

3. The looks of traditional a Russian Costumes, what people use hundreds years ago and how they use them in our lifetime.

4. Short history of Russia, Ukraine.

5. Geography. (Were they located in map)?

6. Major cities of Russia (capitals - Moscow, Kiev)

7. Major rivers of former Russia (The Volga River, The Don River, Dniper River)

8. Major mountains (Ural, Caucasus, Tian Shan).

9. Major seas (Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea)

10. Connection between Russian Folk music and Russian Classical music.

11. Similarities and differences between Russian and American musical Culture.

Mission Statement:

Musical Connections is organized to promote a greater understanding of the music of the world through performances, cultural exchanges, musical history and heritage, and by educating the public about the multitude of music produced by cultures around the world.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Uniting the World Through Music

Program History:

Educating the public about the many types and forms of music in the world today science from 2005.
Educating young people about different types and styles of world music through special programs in cooperation with public and private schools. Networking with other groups, organizations, etc. who share Musical Connection's mission and goals. Developing and facilitating cultural exchange programs where musicians from other cultures and countries come to Texas share their musical heritage and talents, in which The Master's Music Concert Series is an example.


Dear Balalaika Brothers, thank you for coming to our school and playing nice music. I have never seen, or heard of those kinds of instruments. Thank you for teaching me that. Sincerely, Joseph.

Additional Information:

Flying Balalaika Brothers a Russian folk group, introduces students to Russian folk music and instruments, musical tempos, and Russian folktales through a dazzling forty-five minute stage performance and/or an enriching thirty minute workshop adapted for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The program may be presented in English or Spanish.
Sergey Vashchenko and Zhenya Rock, master Balalaika players; Derek Strahan a virtuoso of Contrabass Balalaika and Texas star, are professional musicians, performers, and teachers. Zhenya Rock uses contemporary technology and blends it with traditional Russian folk music to create an innovative program that excites and inspires the listener. His use of the loop station, a musical recording device, gives him the ability to record his mouth percussion, layer his balalaika musical sections, and create a contemporary musical style, integrates American musical roots with the traditional Russian program, captivating the young audience with his delivery and English lyrics based on a timeless them, love. As the musicians play their balalaikas, Zhenya interprets the southern country blues on electric guitar, and delivers his soulful song of empowerment. The musical interlude integrates contemporary and traditional cultures, creating an excellent teaching point, as well as highly entertaining the audience throughout the state of Texas, they share the universal language of music with students and open their minds to the cultural richness of people through their stories. With colorful costumes and cultural artifacts, these professionals engage and mesmerize the students with the splendor of their artistry while teaching them about art, music, Russia, history, literature and world cultures expressed through the similarities of people throughout the world.

Two Programs:

  1. Stage performance:
Russian Folk Music, Their Instruments, and Musical Tempos
  1. Introduces students to traditional Russian folk instruments of the string and wind family, namely the Balalaika and Bayan,
  2. Explains and demonstrates how these instruments produce their sound
  3. Correlates and contrasts the instruments to more familiar American folk instruments

Objective: Introduce typical Russian Folk instruments, their relationship to the musical family of instruments, and how they sound and are played.

Includes a presentation of four easy tempos in music: Lento, Andante, Allegro, and Presto.

Objective: Teach students to recognize and remember music tempos through dance and clapping rhythms.

  1. Workshop:

Russian Folktales for Children

A musical presentation of Russian Folktales with an entertaining combination of story telling and live music that acquaints classic Russian stories to children.

Objective: To guide young audiences to follow a story by the music. To recognize different characters of the story through the sound of typical Russian musical instruments and the way they are played.

Stage performance is 45 minutes and can be followed by workshops of 30 minutes in several classes.
For bookings contact:
Sergey Vashchenko
e-mail: balalaika@sbcglobal.net
tel: 512-656-6865
website: www.fbb.rocks

  1. Sampels: CTRL + Click to follow link">https://vimeo.com/81796100

  1. Chastushky - D
  2. Hello(intro - teach Russian words)
  3. Ural dance - A
  4. Balalaika introduction (accounting)
  5. German Polka - (intro. Rhythm Polka -clapping hands on 1&2)
  6. Doctor Zhivago - (intro Rhythm Walse - clipping hands 1&2&3)
  7. Chicken Dance - (intro 4 easy tempos: ADAGIO, ANDANTE,


  1. Kalinka
  2. Questions/Answers

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