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Address: 17950 Geauga Lake Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
Phone Number: 440-725-8767
Fax Number: NA
Director: Dr. Craig Woodson

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Ethnomusic, Inc
Ethnomusic, Inc
Ethnomusic, Inc
Ethnomusic, Inc

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Focus: 'A World Orchestra You Can Build'-Making 12 simple musical instruments from around the world. Other assemblies are availalbe at
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 55 minutes each for the assemblies, same for student or teacher workshops, but for teacher professional development, it can last up to all-day (5-8 hour) workshops.

I travel around the U.S. but mainly perform in the tri-state area around Ohio and the Southern California area. I have worked overseas including in Europe, Morocco, Ghana, Iraq, Java, Honduras, and Ecuador.

Pricing: $500.00 for one assembly in Cleveland area, add travel expenses outside, $150.00 for one workshop (30 students) in Clevleand area (3 min. per day), plus materials ($2.50 per student) plus expenses outside Cleveland area.

Make and take, age-appropriate musical instruments for students and/or teachers, each session is 55 minutes. Can include a 'composite' instrument that has several families in one, like my 'Drumpet' or 'Drumpetarolin.' Common instruments are a Arabic square drum, a round Lakota frame drum, an African talking drum, a box violin (see photo), xylophone from Thailand, and/or an African kalimba. Content support includes my free curriculum at

Residencies: A residency can last from 3 to 5 days with opening and closing assemblies, student and teacher workshops, based on a school's requested theme. This can include a drum/music circle in the culmination assembly where all students play their instruments.
Setup: 1:15 hours
Takedown: 1.0 hours
Equiptment: I bring a full, stage set up (10' deep, 25' wide') including sign boards (see photos), real and homemade musical instruments, but need a sound system provided (one mic on a stand).
Special Requirements: In workshops of over 30 students I would like to have one adult to ten students available to help. Special needs students are welcome and do very well with my assemblies and workshops.

I make 12 simple instruments from around the world showing their history, science and stories. After getting students and some teachers up to play them during the program, we have an final, fun-filled improvised performance that includes audience participation. In workshops students and/or teachers make and take their own musical instruments, compose music with a simple box notation, and perform.

Mission Statement:

Music from around the world can connect students and teachers to their cultural heritage, and by making a simple musical instrument that experience can be taken home after our event. I hope that by making an instrument from a country other than our own, we can experience aspects of that other culture and become more positive about other people.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Music has the power to inform, heal, entertain, relax and express. I tell my audiences that there are two types of music, mine and everybody else's. My goal is for students and teachers to access how music began: a single person made their own instrument, played it, and enjoyed it. Over time these three aspects became different entities: instrument makers, musicians, and audiences. By making a simple insrument young and old alike can go back and bring this history forward for positive changes in our lives.

Program History:

I have been doing programs in schools since 1975, first with Los Angeles Unified School District, later with Young Audiences, and since 1985 with the LA Music Center on Tour, Orange County/Segerstrom Center Arts Teach, Greater Columbus Arts Council, Ohio. I have presented educational play-along concerts with major symphonies (Cleveland Orchestra, LA Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony, and more), and the Kronos Quartet beginning in 1991. I have been doing school and college presentations around the U.S. and overseas since 1977, including in Ghana, Iraq, Java, and recently in Honduras and Ecuador for UNICEF.


"Dr. Woodson is one of the most popular artists we have brought to the school due to his musical artistry and knowledge, his enthusiasm and his humor.” Principal, Community Magnet Elementary, Los Angeles
"Dr. Woodson held all students' attention throughout. He was fun and informative.”
Teacher, Meadow Park Elementary, Irvine
“Along with his percussion skills and his extensive knowledge of music and cultures, Dr. Woodson brings a positive energy to his work. He is warm and engaging, making the content accessible across grade levels." Executive Director, International House of Blues Foundation

Additional Information: Dr. Craig Woodson Connects Students and Teachers to World Music: Combining Global Cultures, History, Science, Humor and Simple Instrument Making A Fun-Filled, Educational, Interactive K-8 Assembly and Hands-on Workshops, Too! "A World Orchestra You Can Build" Assembly - Explore the magical world of homemade musical instruments where students interactively learn about diverse cultures, the science of sound, and the origins of music, all based on academic and VAPA standards; students and teachers come on stage to perform with the instruments in a lively improvisation to close the program!

Student and/or Teacher Workshops - Participants make, decorate, play and take simple, age-appropriate instruments based on ideas from around the world. All tools and materials are provided, no prior musical skills are required.

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