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Address: 105 Choctaw Place - Yukon OK 73099
Phone Number: 806-282-9529
Fax Number: N/A
Director: Loralee Cooley

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Additional Information

Focus: spoken narrative (i.e., told story, poetry, song)
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 25-30 min Pre-K; 30-45 min K-5; 45-60 6-12

As needed. Can fly or drive, depending on distance and time limitations

Pricing: Minimm per program: $150; Maximum per program: $1000

Prefer "conversations with Loralee Cooley" to formal workshops. Would provide materials for study and hand-outs

Residencies: Have done week-long residencies with upper elementary, middle school, and high schooll students; also in colleges with theatre, English, multi=cultural, interdisciplinary, and education majors.
Setup: Table for display of books and instruments, possibly some audio-visual
Takedown: Dis-assemble above materials
Equiptment: From presenter: a good portable microphone (preferably wireless....is there now any other kind?); Possibly a screen for audio-visual presentations; table (see set-up); chair; water available
Special Requirements: !0-15 minutes between programs for two reasons: give students time to exit and next group enter; give storyteller chance to "recuperate."

A story for the listener to take away. (At least one story)

Mission Statement:

A story well chosen and well told engages the listener's imagination and breathes into the listener a sense of wonder, of beauty, of delight.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The power of "Story" is capable of changing the direction of a life.

Program History:

Loralee Cooley has been working as a professional storyteller since 1977. Her sensitivity to the power of "Story" has been shared in well over half the states and several countries. In 1982, while living in Atlanta Georgia, she was the primary founder of Southern Order of Storytellers, a regional storytelling organization, which launched its annual festival in 1983....then called "Olde Christmas Storytelling Festival;" now called "Peach State Storytelling Festival." (The name change occurred when the date was moved from around January 6, the traditional Old Christmas, to later in the month.) She has been listed on the South Carolina Artist Roster and the Texas Artist Roster, with those respective state arts agencies. Currently living in Oklahoma, she has limited her storytelling work recently due to the death of her husband, and prior to that to her work on a children's biography of the first 10 years of Barack Obama's childhood, entitled "Island Child." This book, charmingly illustrated by the Canadian artist Jillian Gilliland, for years the featured illustrator for the "Tell Me a Story" children's syndicated colemn, was released in 2011 as a response to questions and comments from students about who President Obama was. Her work in storytelling has taken her to Scotland, where she participated in the 2012 Scottish Storytelling Festival in Edinburgh, to the Georgian Republic, where she researched Georgian folktales, to Bolivia, where she met with students she and her husband sponsored through CHILDREACH-Plan USA, and to Panama, where she traversed the Canal in honor of her late father, who was stationed in the peacetime U.S. Army during the 1930s. She will be traveling to Canada in May 2017 for further study with the illustrator of "Island Child." In 2003 she was featured in a series of residencies and programs with the International Cultural Center of Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas, which took her to nearly 20 school districts in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains to present "Stories Around the World," a program presenting folk tales, songs and games from countries representing the five inhabited continents. (Antartica was not represented since no nationality claims it as home.).

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