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Address: Charlotte, NC
Phone Number: 704-584-9566
Director: Mike Hall

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Mike is Speaking
Mike is Speaking
Mike is Speaking
Mike is Speaking

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Additional Information

Focus: Motivation, Bullying, Drug & Alcohol
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 min

Travels from Charlotte, NC

Pricing: 1500–3950
Setup: 1 hour
Takedown: none
Equiptment: Microphone

His name is Mike…and he's out to change the world. Schools and organizations in over 20 states have hired him to speak …with unbelievable results.

"I'm still in awe. When you spoke, I felt every word directed towards me personally. Your speaking is completely motivating. It's inspiring and earth-shaking." -Emily, high school student from WI

During his hilarious, emotional and honest keynotes, Mike shares how his life went from zero to hero. Then he seemlessly EMPOWERS his audience to make better choices. Bullying decreases. Grades go up. Kids graduate instead of dropping out. Kids decide not to commit suicide. All things that have actually happened as a result of Mike's program.

"You literally just saved my life." Jada, 9th grader from PA

What sets Mike apart is the time he's spent in the trenches with teenagers over the past 20 years. Mike understands teenagers and their world, how they make choices and the challenges that they face.

Mas a deep passion to see all young people live the life they've always wanted. A life with meaning. A life that matters. The life of a HERO.


Wilson County ABC board would like to enthusiastically recommend motivational speaker Mike Hall. We brought Mike in to present a highly entertaining and educational keynote to a large number of middle and high schools in our area.
Let me assure you, Mike's program is one of, if not the best we've ever seen. When you have students and faculty alike riveted to every word a speaker says, you know you have something rare and special.
Not only does Mike engage the students with powerful stories, he makes them laugh and think a lot. His program was equally inspirational as well as empowering to the kids in our community.
If you have any questions about working with Mike, don't hesitate to reach out to me personally.

Mr. Larry Etheridge

"I just want to thank you once again for coming to our school. WKHS really benefited from having you visit and I still so vividly remember how cheerful and strong the school became after you were there. And it stayed that way."
-Rylee, student

Mike was entertaining, enlightening and inspiring! A senior student commented that in her four years at Hough High School she never saw the students that engaged in an assembly. Several students approached Mike after the program and shared some personal thoughts basically stating that he changed the way they will think about the choices they will make. He really "opened their eyes". Mike was worth every penny! - Amy Mory, PTSA President

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