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Address: 101 Locust Grove Lane Versailles, KY 40383
Phone Number: 859-940-1735
Director: Ray W. Mendenhall

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Ray W. Mendenhall

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Additional Information

Focus: Presenting, Promoting and Preserving the Storytelling art
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: Stardard program 35-45-length is negotiable

yes within Kentucky

Pricing: $275 plus travel for 35-45 minutes of song and story. each additional block of 35-45 is and additional $75. Workshop prices are base on type and length of workshop.rices on request

Basic Storytelling- how to
Dressing up story- story development
generating stories- techniques
generating poetry- poetry writing

Residencies: I am available for residencies. price depends on length. Prices on request
Setup: handle own setup
Takedown: handle own takedown
Equiptment: sound system- voice mike and instrument mike for large spaces chair, no podium
Special Requirements: none

"Here comes the Jolly man ... he'll tell you a story or two." Jolly man stories is the experience of Amazing Songs and Whimsical Stories shared through the art and antics of Ray Mendenhall. Ray has performed in North and South Carolina and now in Kentucky. He has performed at festivals, schools, churches, civic organizations, as an after dinner speaker and as singer/storyteller in a variety of settings. He has performed at the NC State Fair, won medals for his musical performances at the NC state-wide Senior Arts competition and is a champion liar (no lie). He spins folk tales, tall tales, stories from many lands, original stories and home-grown humor with joy and vigor. He brings energy, exuberance, passion and excitement to his songs and stories. The Jolly man is just waiting to tell you a story or two. Give me a call or email me. I would love to fill your bill.

Mission Statement:

To share the joy, wonder, art and love of storytelling with people of all ages.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Stories open the imagination. The speak to us beyond the merely intellectual. Stories take us places we have never been and open us to experiences we have never had. Stories reach into the deepest part of ourselves and invoke in us what is truly human. They bring out the adventurer, the explorer, the thinker the does and the hero in us all. Stories help us to discover and develop our true selves.

Program History:

I retell classic and traditional folktales and sing tradition folk songs as part of my presentations. I draw richly from the story sources: Jack tales, European and international stories, fairy tales as well as original stories, stories made up just for fun and homegrown humor. In all my work I emphasize the positive the wholesome and the uplifting.

Additional Information:

Ray Mendenhall comes from a family of storytellers. Humorous stories and family anecdotes filled his youth. In 2000, Ray began storytelling professionally and has been telling in venues across North and South Carolina and now Kentucky ever since. Following the "jolly man" tradition of itinerant musician and story spinner, Ray mixes amazing songs and whimsical stories into a celebration of the storytelling art. His infectious humor and easy style has engaged audiences in Festivals, schools and libraries, churches and banquet halls, and even at the North Carolina State Fair. He has won gold, silver and bronze medals for music in the NC State Senior Arts Finals. In 2009, he won first place in the Bold-faced Liars Showdown in Laurinburg, NC. In 2016, Ray moved to Versailles, KY from where he continues his storytelling and workshop presentations.

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