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Basic Information

Address: 7145 N. Washtenaw 2n
Phone Number: 2244206457
Director: Anton and Kristina

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Additional Information

Focus: Children and Family Events
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5
Length: 30 to 45 minutes are longer with photo ops


Pricing: 450.00
Setup: 45 minutes
Takedown: 45 minutes
Equiptment: Electrical
Special Requirements: none

We provide a number of entertainment services to schools and libraries.

Puppets Got Talent

An interactive talent show contest, featuring 3 puppets which the children will interact with during our performance. The children decide the winner of the contest and meet the puppet at the end of the show.

This show can be tailored to teaching the class or assembly about puppetry and how we create and build our puppet charaters.

Pirate Academy

A pirate illusion show which tongue-in-cheek teaches the children how to be a pirate. This show talks about being a pirate, how a pirate talks, the directions of the ship, and more. We perform a number of illusions and it is very interactive with the audience. This is a show we are performing monthly at Key Lime Cove.

It contains puppets, illusions, comedy, and bubbles with a toilet paper cannon at the end.
Very fun and exciting. Perfect for a family themed event and fundraisers.

Bubble Art Show

This show is about the creation of bubble artistry as an art form with comedy. This show contains a bubble wall, bubbles within bubbles, zillion bubbles hat, fog bubbles, and monster bubbles.

From Paper to Performance

This lecture is part puppet show with slide presentation on how our puppets and props are created and built. We show the work that goes into creating an entire performance with chacterization, voices, and personality which makes the puppets "come alive". This incudes a question and answer on making our show and the audience gets to meet the characters we have created.

Balloon Class 101

This class teaches the basics of balloon artistry after a short slide show presentation of examples of our work, including our large balloon sculpting. Our balloon creations have been used by Pixar, Disney, Universal, and more. The creations have been as large as 15 feet for events across the country. Students will learn how to create beginner balloons which gives them the techniques for which all balloon creations are based.

Mission Statement:

We bring magical artistic memories to your students

Program History:

We have been bringing our art to many events thru out Chicago land and private/corporate events.

Additional Information:

Here are some photo's of our past events.

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