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Address: 710 Lago Trace Dr, Huffman, TX 77336
Phone Number: 281-415-1382
Fax Number: 281-324-1215
Person of Contact: Lori Morris

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Kishmorr Productions LLC
Kishmorr Productions LLC
Kishmorr Productions LLC
Kishmorr Productions LLC

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Lee con Ángel is an online Spanish reading program for children in Pre-K through 2nd grades. There are two formats available: An App for iPads in the iTunes store (Lee con Ángel) or a subscription through the website, The program is designed to offer children an opportunity to practice and develop Spanish literacy skills independently. Ángel is the narrator that guides children through the activities that are in sequential order from simple to more complex. However, an open menu is also an option as the Songs, interactive games, animated stories and test practice help students develop fluency and comprehension in Spanish. Volume purchase discounts are available for schools. Parents can subscribe or download the app for home use as well, making this a great feature at Community Literacy events.

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