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Address: Richmond Vale Academy, Chateaubelair, East Caribbean, West Indies.
Phone Number: 17844582255
Director: Stina Herberg
Duration: 6 - 18 months

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Richmond Vale Academy
Richmond Vale Academy
Richmond Vale Academy
Richmond Vale Academy

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Additional Information

School Information:

Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) is in cooperated under the “Companies Act of 1994” as a nonprofit organization recruiting and preparing participants for volunteering in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize and Ecuador.

Tuition: 2800- 5400
School Setting:

RVA is located on the island of St. Vincent which is part of an island group of 32 islands and cays in the Caribbean called St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent is a volcano island and the biggest of the islands. RVA is a at the foot of the Volcano “La Soufriere” in the middle of magnificent nature trails, rivers and 5 min. from the sea.

Program Information: RVA is running 2 programs: 1. FIGHTING WITH THE POOR 18 months - with Service Period in Belize or Ecuador. FOCUS: In this program you have the chance to complete an A-certificate as a distance learner with One World University - 1500 study hours/60 credits - while working side-by-side with poverty stricken Latin Americans and Eastern Caribbean peoples to create a better life. STARTING DATES: April and October. PROGRAM OVERVIEW: - 6 months in St. Vincent of in-depth study about the world today and the future, volunteering, Spanish language, farming and learning necessary skills for development work. - 6 months Service Period in Belize or Ecuador fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the poor on a Child Aid project or Farmers Club. - 6 months of documenting what you learned through film making, book and pamphlet writing, teaching in Vincentian Schools, exams, conclusion and evaluation. 2. THE CLIMATE COMPLIANCE CONFERENCE – 1 to 6 months FOCUS: Organic Farming, running environment clubs, study and teach sustainable living in St. Vincent. The Conference is a 10 year standing conference in making St. Vincent Climate Compliant in the areas of food, disaster and energy security. Activists join from 1- 6 months. ACTIVITIES: Intensive studies about sustainability, organic farming, the importance of self-sufficiency in impoverished communities, the risks/effects of Global Warming and Climate Change in the Caribbean, etc. Through research, creation and implementation of projects in nearby villages, promotion, and by example, students will work to prepare the people of the Caribbean for the dangers of Global Warming. Participants will also experience community living, cooking, cleaning, harvesting food, garden farming, building furniture, and other skills needed to be a self-sufficient leader who can do anything they put their mind to.

How to apply and enroll in the program:
• Write us an email and we will send you some basic info.
• Get back to us and we will hold a skype meeting to inform you further and you can ask any questions you might have.
• Hereafter you get a contact of an alumni who has done the program you have interest in and you get some study tasks to further learn about the program and the school.
• When you have finally decided the program and date to start you can enroll by paying the initial 500 USD and signing the enrollment papers.

We welcome you to join one of our programs!
Warm greetings Staff and Students from Richmond Vale Academy.

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