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Basic Information

Phone Number: (0051) 064 248086
Director: Frank Coter

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Sharing Dreams Project
Sharing Dreams Project
Sharing Dreams Project
Sharing Dreams Project

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Additional Information

Subject/Position: teach english
School: Minka
School Type: Alternative school teaching
Program Dates: Our projects are made and managed by our organization and are available throughout the year

Our project is developed in the Mantaro valley and the small villages around this valley, we work with the populations and people in extreme poverty, most of which live in the central Andes of Peru, our work is direct, without Intermediaries, we work as a team, in a form of horizontal work and in continuous coordination with the people we help

Minimum Education: Secondary education
Degree Level: any
Job Types: volunteering
Languages: Spanish & English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: Spanish & English
Cost: We only need a single contribution per month, the organization in retribution offers lodging and basic meals
Salary/Benefits: The organization offers lodging and basic meals, as well as group excursions on the weekends without guiding cost, also experiential courses of Peruvian food, Andean culture, basic Spanish, and continuous support
Experience Required:

It is not necessary to have previous experience or specialization in the area,

Programs Open To: Is open to anyone with the genuine desire to help, as well as people who are willing to work as a team, with an adaptable mentality and who are willing to join a multicultural team
Travel Arrangements:

On the weekends we organize excursions to many places in the central Andes of Peru, jungle sentral and others, are non-commercial, this can be coordinated with the participant

Participants Work: volunteer work
Application Process:

Fill out and send the application form,, professional or personal curriculum sent to the following email:
If it is desired, once the acceptance process is completed, you can make 10% of the advance contribution to secure your vacancy (optional)

Teaching Level: none
Hours: 36 hours per wek
Visa Requirements:

No is necesary

Program Highlights:

The programs, projects and activities are developed directly in the towns and places where we work, there we have locals that we get and rent, in those places we develop the diverse projects, also the team has the form of work to visit the children's homes and Of the families with whom we work, is a direct work of work and cultural exchange, there we verify and live this experience in a totally experiential way, we experience its way of life, problematic and joys, it is a totally practical experience.

Program Information:

The program is totally experiential and cultural exchange, we work with three areas, with the community, women and children of the poorest populations of Peru, the target population are the internal Quechua immigrant families from Peru that migrate from other provinces that are in Worse economic situations, they also belong to a sector excluded from the state aid, many of them and their families have suffered because of the situation of internal war that Peru lived.

We intervene socially in these populations helping people and children, offering the cognitive and organizational tools, so that these people can have a better future, and also can break the circle of poverty and despair.

You can see the details in the section "projects" of our web site

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