Cape Fear Volunteer Center

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Basic Information

Address: 214 Walnut Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone Number: (910) 392- 8180
Director: Annie Anthony

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Cape Fear Volunteer Center
Cape Fear Volunteer Center
Cape Fear Volunteer Center
Cape Fear Volunteer Center

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Additional Information

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Cape Fear Volunteer Center is to match volunteers service opportunities in the Cape Fear region, through direct and indirect services: Big Buddy/Life Guide, National Days of Service, Kid's Voting, and CareNet. 

Program History:

Cape Fear Volunteer Center was modeled after the famous "1000 Points of Light" speech by President George Bush, harnessing the power of spontaneous volunteers and matching them with community needs.

In 2005, after prayers and confirmation from God, Annie Anthony took a small program and transformed it into a nonprofit agency. ​Armed with the idea of keeping her hands open to what God might desire to do through this organization, the agency has continued to flourish into what it is today. 
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
Our center has been around now for about 12 years. Funds are still needed in many ways to keep the center functioning for 12 more years. Everything from administrative supplies, materials for projects, to procuring venues for events. Donations of any size are welcome. Most are even tax deductible!

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